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so I just got my schedule for college. Two out of the 5 days there... I have to wake up at 5 in the morning just to get to class by 8! (I do live pretty far from my college)

And on top of that, I have to worry about transportation, food, and making sure I don't take the wrong street car down town x.X;;

I also just found out I STILL don't have enough supplies to last me through the week. good god, oh help me x.X;;

And because of my new schedule, that means there'd be no time to drawsomething for a friend of mine's birthday.

Moonwalking angels

Well, what can I say? I just finished watching the live broadcast of Micheal Jackson's memorial. When I first heard that he had died 12 days ago, at first, I thought it was a prank. Of course yes I was surprised, but I didn't necessarily start bawling my eyes out.

It's not like I really knew him, and my sister was always bugging me to watch Thriller over and over again 'til it got on my nerves. I suppose that's probably why I didn't listen to enough of his music.

However, once I saw the broadcast, I guess my opinion of him changed. I mean, once I saw even USHER trying to stay composed after he sung that song for Micheal, I don't now why, I just lost control of myself. I have not cried that much ever since one of my friends passed away. It sorta reminded me of why I hate funerals in the first place: because it's just so hard to say goodbye to the people that you love.

and Once I saw the Jackson family delivering the eulogy, and Paris talking about how much she's going to miss her dad, I lost it again. I'm just really sensitive when it comes to death. Even when I hear about a complete and utter stranger close to someone I know die, I just start crying my eyes out... I'm really that pathetic...

After the service was done, I then started thinking about him.I know he's been through some rough patches, and that he's been constantly made fun of as a child molester and what not, but I pray for his kids. To some, he was an idol, and a hero, and to others, a weirdo and a child molester.

But I think now, we can all agree that to his family, and his kids, he was not only a hero, but a loving father, a brother, a friend, and a good Samaritan.

So of course now, after realizing how awful I was for actually believing some of the crap they've said about him in the news, God bless your soul MJ, and may you continue to touch people's lives everywhere.

Canada Day aftermath

oh darn... it's been MONTHS since I posted here but errmm... I've just been really lazy with writing in this journal... yeah... I FAIL OTZ

I really thought yesterday, I wasn't going to be able to watch the fireworks be cause of the strike that's going on with the municipal workers. I would have thought they were going to cancel the fireworks... apparently I was WRONG.

So, I get dragged all the way to Richmond Hill since hey, since one of my relatives is throwing a shindig together, we HAVE to go. The food was relativity decent, but some of the meat needed more flavour.

I spent most of my time afterwards doodling and of course, playing Mario Party 8 for the wii.

The fire works were amazing. I got a very good view of them from my uncle and aunt's bedroom. I don't care what my grandparents were saying about the city wasting money on this. They were amazing.

First post of the year

I know bring you even more complaining. I spent last night at my aunt's place for New Year's. Now mind you, the food was pretty good. And I had fun. The problem was...

everyone in my family got piss drunk and hurled their guts out afterwards. What was even worse was...I had a bunch of underaged cousins too! oh god... why?!

The highlight of my night was of course, scoring 100% screaming out the lyrics to 'Here it goes again' by Okay Go on Rockband. I sang so much that my voice cracked. My Grandparents and mom teased me about letting myself go on rockband. It was so embarassing *hides under a rock*

We all missed the countdown on tv, so we had to restart the countdown. After that, I had to stay up with my sister waiting for our relatives to come since hey, dad forgot his cellphone at the party. They didn't even come after all.
I can't believe the New year is already here. It only feels like yesterday when every one was celebrating the holidays. And now after the break is over, it's back to school and work for me. Time just flies too quickly for me. I'm going to be 19 pretty soon too. why am I so old?!

So what resolutions do I have?

-get into an art college
-get more sleep
-find a part time job
-refine my artistic skills
-find more friends to hang out with

I just hope everyone else has a nice new years too


First post

well, here's the first entry of mine before the New Year. I guess if I need to complain or put my thoughts down, this is the place. I don't know why I didn't do it any sooner. I guess I have this mentality that nothing I write on here is worthy of being read on here. But we'll see where this goes.

So, let's see... I had a dream this morning. It was about I think this anime called Shugo Chara or something... Yeah, so in this dream, I think I had gotten myself some charas. One of them was in the form of a maid, the other was in in the form of a girl with shades who spoke with a thick european drawl for some odd reason.
When I went and fused together with the maid character, I somehow became a very horrbile person. I know in the show, these characters help someone become better but that didn't seemed to do me any good.

I wound up turning into a verbally abusive, bossy bitch in a maid costume. I was just going away insulting and shattering someone's self esteem. I even made someone cry. And all it took for me to stop, was a bitchslap. What is this really saying about myself? that I desire to belittle and hurt people on the inside? if that's so, I really don't want to let that side out.

Other than that, I spent most of my whole day baking cookies. My poor dog wound up devouring two unbaked cookies. I worry he might get sick from the dough.